“Elizabeth reached out to me to work on my fashion design website - that desperately needed help- and she did an amazing job to say the very least! I love how open she was to feedback and she was extremely cooperative. Her attention to detail was one thing that really stood out to me and I will definitely use her again for my future endeavours as she delivered everything I wanted and more. I strongly recommend you give her a shot, she’s worth it! ”

— Cynthia Udeh-Martin, Owner & Creative Designer -


“Elizabeth creates high quality content, and engagement using a comprehensive social strategy. She knows exactly what it takes to get content in front of relevant audiences through the use of highly effective digital ads and SEO best practices.”

— Manny Ojigbo, Story Teller & Curator - Footy Narrative


“Elizabeth is a highly organized and an excellent project manager for any team. She keeps the team on task and ensures all roles are filled in order to reach our project goals. Her understanding of digital marketing is a great skill set, especially in terms of Google Adwords. Her work with the online advertising brought in multiple clicks and encouraged conversions to our client’s e-commerce store. Elizabeth will get the job done with a positive attitude no matter what. She is always willing to help out others in areas they may be struggling in. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and was a great addition to the DISC team. I highly recommend her work and expertise for your next project”

— Cassandra Mader, Photographer/Videographer, Digital Projects Coordinator - St Jacobs Furnishings

“Elizabeth has helped with our web site as well as our social media requirements. I am extremely satisfied with Lizzy's performance and reliability of her work. Her positive attitude and professional demeanour makes for a great working relationship. ”

— Brian Jutzi, Principal at Jutzi Water Technologies

“Working with Elizabeth for a couple months I have come to understand how good of a leader she truly is. She always leads by example, first and foremost, thus motivating her colleagues and employees to work to her standards as well. She is diligent in her work but also collaborative, understanding that a good idea can come from anywhere, and is always receptive to colleagues' different perspectives. I believe that being a leader, producing high quality work at a rapid pace, and her problem solving abilities are her strongest skills. Lastly, in relation to marketing, she is always a step ahead in finding new initiatives for the company to pursue, does thorough research, and then proceeds to make a rational decision based on her findings.”

— Christopher Hage, Reported to me at Kiiah